The Sense of Car Fashion

As I wrote a few days ago, I would like to write not only about travel, so now I would like to take a small step in a different direction and start a debate, with my dear readers, about the many amazing things that might be happening around us, to which we might not always pay attention to.
I would like to talk about the “sense of fashion”.

During the past year and a half I had the chance to follow several fashion shows, as a street photographer, during fashion week in New York City, London and Milan. This gave me the opportunity to observe a world that was completely foreign to me. As a photographer (one who should be able to use a critical eye for everything that involves aesthetics), I started to see what was actually being created in the street and noticed the red wire that linked the outfits of the various people whom I saw attending these events.

I realized how a trend in fashion, can offer subtle guidelines on the way one should dress. Thus, a colour, a specific material, a particular piece of clothing, a style, are all components used by those who decide to follow a trend. Some users then mix, overlap and even break these guidelines to the point that ordinary people, not stylists, can create a personal style that joins and at the same time separates those who decide to use that particular trend.

The freedom to individually experiment with and  manipulate a trend,  creates unique styles and on the street, the people that create them can then compare their stylistic approach with others and always come up with something new, making creativity, not homologation what motivate their unique choices.

I needed this long and winding introduction to  express what for me, I repeat for me, should be the fashion industry and to explain what all this has to do with the automobile industry.

This is not the place to talk about heroes of the steering wheel, the compression ratios or machine torque, but since it is a discussion on aesthetic, I would like to tell you about one of the things that fascinate me most: car design, which over the years, has combined two disciplines, which by nature were antagonist: art and engineering.

In this world full of creativity, copying is forbidden, not only it is prohibited but it is also against the law. This has prompted designers and engineers to constantly seek to find new designs using the other’s  idea to add ​​“more forms” and “new dimensions” in their work.

This constant search for excellence, has created masterpieces on wheels since the time in which man had the idea to attach a motor to a carriage, and will continue to grow until the wind and the sun will power our cars.

Thanks to the challenge and the competition, ideas have improved and evolved giving us, first the amazing “concept cars” and then the cars that we could buy or admire in the street in the hands of the lucky ones.

The point of all this talk lays  in the following conclusion. My idea is that the world of fashion today could learn from the world of cars and aspire to that utopian creative storm that I suggested a few paragraphs above, where I spoke about having innovation and not imitation and this applies to both designers and all those who will choose to wear their clothes.  As you can not imagine a world in which all drive the same car I cannot see how we can accept a world in which all dress alike.

After this short reflection, I would like to propose a small topic on which to exchange ideas: When does something becomes a Classic? In the world of cars as in fashion, there are different styles that characterize a ‘very specific era” and some have entered our imagination as classics, while others simply appear old.

What stimulates then in our imagination the association of something used in a specific moment in the past, like a certain way of speaking, a jargon and what makes us accept it as representative of that time?

I think that having a style and comparing  it with what the market has to offer today is the best way to understand what the past has given us  compared to what more the present can offer.

On this matter I’m interested in as many opinions as possible because I’m always trying to open up to more points of views,  so feel free to send me your ideas on fashion, aesthetics  and creativity.  I’ll be more than happy to read you and discuss them with you.

The next article  will be business as usual, and I will take you through the streets of Stockholm where I’ve just been. So  continue to follow me to make a nice tour of the capital of the Swedish kingdom !!



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