Music, Streets and Pokemons

Actioncultures is not only travel or photos but also music.

Music is the other great muse who inspires my days, and if you’ve made a tour on the Instagram account of this blog (@actioncultures)you will discover my boundless passion for street music. It is always on the road that I find my musical soul, through all those artists who offer their work in direct contact with those willing to listen. The street, however, is the center,  as I write, of what can be called a new revolution: augmented reality and the new Pokemon game have taken to the streets more people than could any other big social event. This new game that’s capturing the whole world and forces players to explore their  city on foot in an attempt to “catch them all”, brings the most hardcore gamer and those who are not fans of the “outside world” into the sun light. I find myself fully involved in this revolution as a fan of the game but especially as the urban explorer that I am.

In Milan, Italy while I wandered not only looking for Pokemons (yes I have fallen into the trap) but also for new street artists, I noticed how the key places of the game coincided with some of the locations where street artists were performing. This combination of factors made me come to a conclusion: In fact  I can see a new horizon for street music.
Just think, if it were possible to combine the beauty of an urban setting of a city like Milan, the emotions given by street artists of different abstractions and the fun of a game like this Pokemon game, think of the tremendous power of aggregation it can create, as well as new opportunities of meeting new people, of creating a new form of entertainment and definitely, a if one is willing,  more cultural enrichment.

Walking through the streets of downtown I have already witnessed an embryonic form of this new form of entertainment and socialization: I, along with other guys who were trying to get Pokemon gyms, were captured by the music of a singer-songwriter and stopped to listen to him. His music really struck me, I stopped longer to photograph him and listened more carefully to his lyrics. Once his exhibition was completed  I decided to get to know him a little, his name  is Claudio Niniano and, as it is my custom when I like an artist, I bought his CD.

Getting to know him  made me realize how much unheard  musical potential one can find in the streets of every city and perhaps, this new way of dealing with the world around us while we play, can make it easier for us hear it.

If you want to be taken by the same notes that struck me go to to find Claudio’s work and history.

The street music always tells a story and could lay the roots for what can become a great artists of the future,  listen to it  wherever you are, and support it always!


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      1. Se ti va, poi fammi sapere come l’hai trovato. Se invece non dovessi più sentirti, per me avertelo fatto scoprire è già una grande soddisfazione. Grazie a te per la risposta! 🙂

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