Fashion is coming

Fashion has it’s moment of glamour four times a year in four of the greatest cities of the world: New York, London, Milan and Paris.

When the fashion week is on, each city changes it’s mood and reveals a new profile full of energy, elegance but most of all extravaganza.


Regardless of where you are, in each showroom of the city, the best known stylists and the emerging ones show their new collections to the attention of VIPs and the media.

Most people go to the shows to see but also to be seen. Around the catwalk one can find those who really have an important role in this industry as well as very famous people well known in the movie, music and sports industries.

But the real action is in the streets around these showrooms. As a street photographer active during these weeks I have witnessed how creativity in assembling an outfit can reach a high level of class or great levels of fun.

Outside the areas where the shows are taking place in which only the very fortunate are invited, in the streets, there is another fashion show. Anyone can create his or her look and show up at in every location to be seen.

Photographers are ready for them and compete as to who can catch the best shot or the most amazing look. Their best photos will then be sent, in no time, to fashion magazines which will publish them as fast as possible.

It’s a real race as to which fashion magazine shows the new street trends, first anywhere in the world.

Let me tell you it’s quite a show. An interesting show. People dressed in the most unusual or unique way will be happy to pose and be photographed.

Many fashion bloggers will be there and will be reporting what’s new and interesting in their blog that same day.

Fashion week is coming up in September, so beware citizens of the world, Fashion is coming and posers come with it.

La moda ha i suoi momenti di gloria quattro volte l’anno, in quattro delle città più belle del mondo: New York, Londra, Milano e Parigi. Durante la settimana della moda in queste città gli stilisti consolidati e quelli emergenti mostrano le loro sfilate alle persone del settore, ai VIP e alla stampa. Ma nelle strade che circondano i luoghi delle sfilate cominciano a sfilare tutti coloro che hanno creato il loro look personale che vogliono mostrare al mondo.
I fotografi sono pronti e fanno a gara per cogliere il look più suggestivo da mandare in tempo reale alle riviste di moda. Anche i blogger di moda sono presenti e pronti ad annunciare al mondo i nuovi trend nei loro siti.
E’ uno spettacolo affascinante dove si possono vedere gli stili più eleganti e quelli più stravaganti.
Milano preparati, la moda sta arrivando.



A world of colours made black and white

With this article I wll start telling you about my journey through two continents and three countries, I will show my photographs that,  three at a time, will tell you a story, about  a place, about a person or just a taste of all that awaits  you once you take a trip through  Spain, Morocco and Portugal.

I want to tell you the story of the medina of Fez, the middle ages are revived in its maze of alleys where one can breathe the trade, the culture and the deep devotion to Islam of a people that loves its history and its traditions.

Con questo articolo comincia quello che è stato il mio viaggio attraverso 2 continenti e 3 nazioni, a raccontarlo saranno le mie fotografie che 3 alla volta vi porteranno una storia, un posto, una persona o semplicemente un assaggio di tutto quello che vi aspetta se affronterete un viaggio tra Spagna Marocco e Portogallo.

Vi voglio raccontare la storia della medina di Fez, il medioevo scorre forte in questo labirinto di cunicoli e si respira il commercio, la cultura e la profonda devozione all’islam di un popolo che ama la sua storia e le sue tradizioni.

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School was Out !

To cheer up all of my fellow students during these last weeks of summer, I wanted to share with them what the students do all over Italy, to celeebrate the end of school.
They get soaked with their clothes on, by jumping into fountains and throwing buckets of water at each other.
Here are some photos of the students in Turin who celebrate the end of the school year by going to the main square, behind the city’s castle and get wet by stepping into the several small fountains present in the square.
They have a lot of fun and for hours they jump in and out of them dragging friends in with them.
All the photos have been shot with an analog camera so these are the result of their scanning, I’m still working on my analog gear and I’m almost there !